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QHT Circulation Disc

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  • A combination of a circulation formula and relief formula
  • Provides immediate relief to all parts of the body.
  • Relief from minor discomfort
  • Non Transdermal. No drugs enter the body
  • 12 Discs to a Package
  • Double Blind Placebo tests completed at a major university. Success rate was over 90%. See studies tab below.

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Placement Points for Circulation Disc

* Images are for reference only, please refer to product instructions for placement details.
Harmonic Growth Orbs, like all Quantum Health Technologies (QHT) products are manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing. Harmonic Growth Orbs are charged with an energetic formula similar to the QHT Holograms. Growth orbs can be placed in the water used to water plants. The orbs can also be placed directly into the soil within a couple of inches of the plant. Harmonic Growth Orbs can be used for small house plants up to large commercial farms. Our testing has shown that plants watered with Growth Orb charged water grows faster and larger.

For those wanting a deeper understanding of how our products work, please click here to visit The Science Behind QHT Products.
University Endurance Study (click to expand/collapse)

University Endurance Study


A double blind placebo test was accomplished to measure the effects of energetically charged wristbands and energetically charged holograms on the endurance and strength of skilled bicyclists. The study was done by Dr. Lisa Colvin, a professor at a major southern university. The university has requested that their name not be included in the marketing because they are not being compensated.

The products used in these studies were manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing. Advance Science Manufacturing has partnered with Quantum Health Technologies and Golf Performance Source to market wristbands and energetically charged holograms. The technology and formulas in these products are identical to those used in the attached study.

The results discussed below showed 18 of 20 participants had an improvement, with a 7.2% longer duration. This by itself is significant, but the additional duration was at the highest level of friction/resistance.

Al Leland
Vice President
Advance Science Manufacturing

University Endurance Study.pdf
Banned Substance Control Group Certification (click to expand/collapse)

Banned Substance Control Group Certification

The products used in this study were manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing. Advance Science Manufacturing has partnered with Quantum Health Technologies and Golf Performance Source to market  energetically charged holograms and wristbands. The technology and formulas in these products are identical to those used in the attached study.

The following analysis was completed by the Banned Substance Control Group. It was done on a 2 ply holographic disc named CX2. The CX2 Energy Disc is manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing, and the same technology is used in manufacturing the Advance Science and Harmonic discs. The purpose of this certification is that numerous athletes use our Energy, Relief, Sleep and Sinus Allergy discs. They wanted assurance that there are absolutely no drugs or chemicals imbedded on our holograms. The technology used on all our holograms is identical other than the energetic formulas. If drugs are not present on one formula, they are not present on any of the formulas. The certification follows.

Banned Substance Control Group Harmonic FM Certification.pdf
What is the purpose of the QHT Circulation disc?

The QHT Circulation Disc formula is similar to the relief formula with some additions to improve circulation. In many cases in creased circulation to specific areas can provide relief or help improve endurance. There are thermal imaging  photos on the web site showing a before and after using QHT Circulation discs. The University Endurance Study on this web site successfully used Circulation discs in conjunction with other products to significantly increase endurance with no  perceived increase in performance. This means the bicyclists increased endurance compared to the placebo without feeling any more tired.

How do I use the QHT Circulation discs?

For best results, the QHT Circulation Disc should be placed on designated acupuncture points shown above. Tests have shown that stimulating acupuncture points delivers substantiated results. Discs will maintain strength for 3 to 4 days.

How long do the discs last?

We recommend changing discs every 3 to 4 days. The charge never goes completely away, but steadily diminishes over time. Discs activate when within a couple of inches from the body and stop when moved away. So, do not keep a large supply in your pocket. You are using them.

Can I overdose on the discs?

No, the body only takes what it needs. You cannot overdose.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects have been little to none. The body is trying to move itself back to normal.

Do the discs have a shelf life?

Not to our knowledge. We have tested products over 6 years old with no decrease in effectiveness.

Can anything damage the effectiveness of the discs?

Yes, a magnet in contact with the discs will erase the discs. Other than that, you can do all your normal activities including taking a shower with no detrimental effect.

Do the discs need to be on the skin?

No, they will work when placed about 2 inches from the body. You can put them on top of clothing if you desire. You can also place them on top of a bandaid for areas where the body is flexible and the discs do not stick well.

If the disc comes off and loses its adhesiveness, what should I do?

The disk will still work. Just tape it in place using tape or a bandaid.

Can I use the discs if I am pregnant?

Consult with your doctor prior to using.