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QHT Weight Control

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  • A proven weight loss program
  • Energetically charged holograms and wristband designed to curb your appetite and help you lose weight
  • Discs work non-invasively by stimulating the body's energetic fields
  • 8 Weight Control Discs, 1 Wristband with 4 Wristband Discs to a Package
  • Double blind placebo test completed with over 151 participants. Results showed an average weight loss of over 20 pounds. See studies tab below for details.
  • Weight Program not available till October 2014

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Our Quantum Health Technologies (QHT) Weight Control Program uses energetically charged Holograms and an energetically charged wrist band designed to help curb your appetite and help you lose weight. This is done using physics, not chemicals, so no drugs are used and no drug induced side effects. A major study was conducted using this program. It consisted of 193 participants. The average weight loss was 22.6 pounds.

For those wanting a deeper understanding of how our products work, please click here to visit The Science Behind QHT Products
Weight Loss Study (click to expand/collapse)

Weight Loss Study


This study was done using weight loss holographic discs and wrist bands manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing. Advance Science Manufacturing also manufactures the products used in the Quantum Health Technologies Weight Control Program. The technology and formulas used in the Quantum Health Technologies Weight Control Program are identical to that used in the study below. Click link below to view study.

Al Leland
Vice President
Advance Science Manufacturing

Weight Loss Study.pdf
Banned Substance Control Group Certification (click to expand/collapse)

Banned Substance Control Group Certification

The products used in this study were manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing. Advance Science Manufacturing has partnered with Quantum Health Technologies and Golf Performance Source to market  energetically charged holograms and wristbands. The technology and formulas in these products are identical to those used in the attached study.

The following analysis was completed by the Banned Substance Control Group. It was done on a 2 ply holographic disc named CX2. The CX2 Energy Disc is manufactured by Advance Science Manufacturing, and the same technology is used in manufacturing the Advance Science and Harmonic discs. The purpose of this certification is that numerous athletes use our Energy, Relief, Sleep and Sinus Allergy discs. They wanted assurance that there are absolutely no drugs or chemicals imbedded on our holograms. The technology used on all our holograms is identical other than the energetic formulas. If drugs are not present on one formula, they are not present on any of the formulas. The certification follows.

Banned Substance Control Group Harmonic FM Certification.pdf
How do the discs work?

The discs marketed by Quantum Health Technologies (QHT) are manufactured here in the US by Advance Science Manufacturing. To help understand how the Quantum Health Technologies (QHT) Discs work, imagine that the body is covered with numerous intersections that help communicate information to maintain healthy functioning. Different intersections have different functions, such as regulating sleep. (This is an underlying theory of acupuncture.) Think of these intersections as antennas that keep the body in tune. When the body is out of tune, or sick, Quantum Health Technologies Discs clarify the signal being sent through the antennas and in turn, help the body heal itself or in this case. The discs for weight control have been designed to interact with the energy that the body naturally generates to curb your appetite and aid in weight loss.

How do I use the discs?

For best results, the QHT Weight Control Discs should be places on either side of the navel or just below the knees. (See the diagram above)  The QHT Weight Control Wristband can be worn on either wrist. The discs and wristband should be worn for 6 days, remove them for a day and continue that cycle with new discs. The wristband comes with discs that should also be changed in that cycle. Detailed instructions are included in the QHT Weight Control package.

Are there any chemicals or drugs used in this program?

No, the QHT Discs contain absolutely no chemicals and are completely non-invasive and non-transdermal.

Can I overdose on the discs?

No, the body only takes what it needs. You cannot overdose.

Are there any side effects?

Side effects have been little to none. The body is trying to move itself back to normal. There have been cases where the body is so far out of normal that an effect called detoxification occurs. The symptom of this is a groggy feeling. This usually is only associated with the QHT Sleep disc and usually will last only one day.

Do the discs have a shelf life?

Not to our knowledge. We have tested products over 6 years old with no decrease in effectiveness.

Can anything damage the effectiveness of the discs?

Yes, a magnet in contact with the discs will erase the discs. Other than that, you can do all your normal activities including taking a shower with no detrimental effect.

Do the discs need to be on the skin?

No, they will work when placed about 2 inches from the body. You can put them on top of clothing if you desire. You can also place them on top of a bandaid for areas where the body is flexible and the discs do not stick well.

If the disc comes off and loses its adhesiveness, what should I do?

The disk will still work. Just tape it in place using tape or a bandaid.

Can I use the discs if I am pregnant?

Consult with your doctor prior to using.