The Science Behind Quantum Health Technologies (QHT) Technology

     QHT has partnered with Advance Science Technology. They have developed technology that infuses intrinsic energy onto a 2 ply hologram. Different formulas are used to achieve desired results. The hologram is then placed on specific acupuncture points, depending on the formula. Exact placement is not required for the disc to work properly. The hologram can also be inserted into a silicone wristband. By infusing, we are referring to charging the hologram with an energetic formula. The formula is infused using electronics, not chemicals. Intrinsic energy is synonymous with subtle energy. They are real energies operating in the arena of quantum mechanics. In traditional physics there are only four types of forces (Small force, large force, electromagnetic force and gravity) However, numerous experiments over the last several decades have shown that other forces do exist. These forces are in the arena of quantum mechanics. (21:293). The intent of the infusion of intrinsic energy is to affect beneficial changes to the body externally using physics instead of chemistry. Though intrinsic energy cannot be measured by any current measuring device, the effects can be measured (2:3). There are balance tests that can be done to show the effect, as well as studies (See case Studies).

     QHT  and Advance Science Technology purchase the holograms and wristbands and then energetically charge them in the United States. The band is made of silicone. The disc is a 2 ply hologram made up of a plastic film 20 to 30 microns thick. The discs are charged with an intrinsic energy formula designed specifically to boost energy levels, provide relief, help you sleep, aid in sinus drainage, etc. Discs interact externally with the body’s energy fields based on the physics principle of entrainment, whereby the energy of one object has the ability to interact with and affect the energy of another without physically touching it. (19:96-97) The energetic charge within the hologram interacts with and allows the body to naturally balance itself. Energetic balance occurs when all the body’s systems are operating together at their optimum, and effects of this are felt.

      After testing multiple methods, Advance Science Manufacturing decided on the holographic Disc because a hologram can hold much more information than other devices with the same footprint. The energetic formula, once infused into the holographic disc cannot be altered. It can be erased using a strong magnet, but cannot be altered, so purity of the formula is ensured. A holographic disc should hold the data for at least 50 years, so product shelf life is not an issue. (Advance Science Manufacturing and QHT has not used the technology for 50 years, however we have used charged holograms after 5 years and there was no degradation.) (17:1)

      Our technology combines the concepts of 3,000 year old traditional Chinese medicine with a 21st century delivery system to balance the body. Here, balance refers to optimizing the interactions of the body’s systems. Part of being in balance involves what is referred to in Tai Chi as rooting or anchoring to the earth. When this is done it is significantly harder to tip a person over. We have numerous testimonials indicating that this technology may improve several factors in performance such as stamina, energy, circulation, balance, mental clarity and focus. The subjective responsive feedback on this product is valuable and impressive; however, the question still remains concerning the objective data. No known studies have been done to assess the effectiveness of holographic technology as an enhancer. Therefore, randomized controlled study protocols have been formulated to determine the effectiveness and safety of the use of nontransdermal holographic energy discs.

Classical Physics vs. Quantum Physics

      A basic understanding of physics and energy is needed to understand the basics of Intrinsic Energy. Physics is used to describe energy and how it operates. There are two foundational pillars upon which modern physics rests. One is Albert Einstein’s general relativity, which provides a theoretical framework for understanding the universe on the largest of scales: stars, galaxies, clusters of galaxies, and beyond to the immense expansion of the universe itself. The other is quantum mechanics, which provides a theoretical framework for understanding the universe on the smallest of scales: molecules, atoms, and all the way down to subatomic particles like electrons and quarks.” (7:3) unfortunately, the rules and equations of one do not necessarily work with the other. (7:4) Classical physics obey the rules developed in Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. Quantum physics obey the rules of quantum mechanics. Classical physics is the physics we all learned in high school and college. It consists of physics as developed by Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein and others. Like most sciences, through trial and error or mathematical development, equations are used to predict future occurrences. e=mc² is a good example in that it predicts the amount of energy that will be developed when mass is changed into energy. Einstein’s theory of relativity developed the theory that as an object moves faster; its clock slows down relative to the observer. As an object approaches the speed of light, its clock approaches zero and relative time stops. Based on this, one of the fundamental laws of classical physics states that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. (8:49) Classical physics has numerous fundamental laws that supposedly cannot be broken. Among these are:
  • A particle can only be in one spot at a time
  • There are only 3 dimensions (four if time is included)
  • Objects cannot have a negative mass
  • Nothing can exceed the speed of light (7:354)
Then along came quantum physics and the boat got rocked. Quantum physics deals with things smaller than an atom. All of a sudden we are faced with a world where the laws of classical physics do not work. In quantum physics, the equations predicting behavior are only accurate if the classical rules are broken. Then the equations work extremely well for predicting results. Among the rules broken in the very small quantum world:
  • There are not 3 dimensions, but either 9 or 11 dimensions (6:203)
  • In the quantum world, objects can exist in different forms simultaneously. (If a solid electron is shot at a wall with 2 vertical slits, the amazing result is that it goes through both slits simultaneously. This indicates that the particle exists as a solid and as a wave at the same time.) (7:86-88) (2:5)
  • The same particle can spin in two different directions at the same time (7:112)
  • Objects are not in just one spot. In fact the equations that predict outcomes in quantum physics only work if an object is described as having a percent probability of being here. The object is not in one spot until it is observed. (7:112-115)
  • At the quantum level, the act of observation influences the outcome, so many observations are meaningless. In fact the uncertainty principle states that you can observe position or velocity of a particle, but not both. For instance, if you shoot a photon at a particle to determine its position, you must fire several to get the exact position. However, firing that many photons then will change the velocity of the object. For this reason, in the quantum world we can know the position or velocity, but not both. (7:115)
  • Some things can go faster than the speed of light. (7:5-6)
In short, the equations and laws of the classical world do not always work in the quantum world and vice versa.

     Your body gives off energy in multiple forms. Each part of your body gives off energy specific to that part. The energy is in two forms, one is energy that is in the traditional physics arena and is measureable. The other is in the quantum physics world and is not measureable. These large and small worl energies are intertwined and cannot be separated just like you cannot separaye creamer from coffee once mixed. Our peoduct work on the energy in the quantum physics area. When your body is abnormal, the energy given off is abnormal. Our products work externally to move this energy back to noemal by entrainment. Entrainment is where the energy of one influences the energy of another without touching it. An example of entrainment is if you had multiple identical pendulum clocks on the wall. Initially, the pendulums will swing and not be in sync. After a while, all pendulums will be swinging together. We believe our products operate on this same principle.

Energy And The Body

      Most people can use more energy, whether for strength or endurance. To achieve this, many turn to a widespread number of energy products. Energy drinks, energy food bars, energy pills and a multitude of other short-lived energy fixes line the shelves of grocery and health stores. Most of these products rely on glucose (a type of simple carbohydrate /sugar) to induce a temporary energy “high.” The body loves carbohydrates, as they are the easiest compounds to process for energy. Relying on additional carbohydrates for energy, however, prevents the body from processing an even better source of energy—fat. Fat contains more energy than carbohydrates but is more difficult for the body to process. (16:1)

      Everyone has energetic fields surrounding his or her body. (2:145) The Chinese discovered this over 3,000 years ago, and the natural system of meridians in our bodies correlate to these energetic fields. It is a similar relationship that the heart has to the blood vessels and that the brain has to the nervous system. Whenever proper flow is restored in a blood vessel or nerve tissue, function is returned and the person usually feels better. The same concept applies to the meridian system. The meridians are the highways for natural energy flow and communication. When blockages are removed, function is restored. (22:2) (18:1)

      The natural meridians in our body get out of balance and cause blockages in the natural energy flow between the vital organs, cells and tissues of the body. The body works to connect these energy flows; however, there is rarely if ever a balance in our body that keeps energy, concentration, stamina, and plus and minus (Yin and Yang) at the optimum level. (22:7) The Transparent Holographic Energy Chips™ by Harmonic FM are utilizing the body’s natural energy fields to bring balance. We see and feel the body meridians come into balance, this balance relieves blockages, and the energy flows to produce a positive response.

      Acupuncture uses needles at specific acupuncture points to stimulate the energy flow in specific meridians. Harmonic FM products balance the body’s meridian channels and allow the body to function more efficiently. It uses the acupuncture points to stimulate this flow. The non-invasive, nontransdermal Harmonic FM products use no chemicals and unlike current products, do not flood the body with fatty sugars. These products provide a holistic, healthy alternative to the current energy products by providing instant energy (Tests have shown effects appear within seconds) without the added calories.

      In house testing has also shown that these products become active when placed within approximately 1” or 2” of the body. Its effect begins within seconds. It does not have to be placed directly on the skin. In house testing has also shown the effectiveness deteriorates over time when worn. However, the holograms can maintain a shelf life of at least 5 years if not worn. For normal use, holographic discs should be replaced approximately every 3 days. Relief products should be replaced when the pain returns. The GPS Wristband should be replaced every 30 to 60 days. Hydration is an important factor in effectiveness because it improves cellular function, just as hydration is important for any other of our body’s functioning.

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